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This is a short run by a customer after he installed the 7.00" diameter over sized crank pulley on his 2001 Chevy Cavalier Z24.  This is being used in conjunction with an Eaton M45 roots style supercharger, and a 2.5" supercharger pulley.  Most people see 2-3 psi of gain from just installing the over sized crank pulley.  Most of the supercharger whine is heard after 0:55 seconds into the video.

Picture at the right is the pulley used in the video.

​P/N: LD9-7000


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This is a dynometer pull after installing custom lightweight stock diameter pulleys. The car gained 8 whp & 7 ft-lbs across most of the RPM range.  This was done back in fall of 2004 at Hutter Performance in Chardon, Ohio.

Pictured right is a picture of the pulleys used in the dyno pull.

​P/N: LD9-6406